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Roof Lantern Blinds & Skylight Blinds are a 21st Century solution to the changes we have made to our homes over the last few years.

The way in which we use our space has changed dramatically, with glass walls, bifold doors, roof lanterns and skylights being installed to extensions and renovated properties as well as new builds,  We like the airy feeling of open plan living, we like the social aspect, members of the family may be plugged into each individual devices and screens but we can at least do it in the same room. Kitchens are now communal areas for the whole family, you may cook there but you will also eat there, do your homework there, watch TV there and play there, they are the new hub of the home and as such require the attention to detail they deserve to make them as comfortable as possible. So Roof Lantern Blinds & Skylight Blinds what difference will they make?

Well this will depend on which way your home faces, if it’s South facing then this will be something you are going to need as well as want, while the South facing garden is high on any agenda the heat and glare that can be generated into any room with a roof lantern or skylight can sometimes become unbearable and even makes the room difficult to use, not to mention the UV which can bleach furniture, floors and soft furnishings.

You may just have the Sunshine at particular times of the day, it may be morning or afternoon Sunshine you are needing shade from either way you are going to need a good, reliable solution.

At Radiant Blinds we have been shading homes and commercial properties since 1955 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can show you the very best options depending on your requirements, we have various solutions from internal blinds to external blinds, we can offer plain opaque fabrics, screen fabrics that you can still see through to black out density fabrics should want to turn your new room into a cinema at the weekends. All the blinds we supply and install are motorised and work from an easy to use remote control handset or if you prefer we can install a wire free wall switch. We know the overall finished look is just as important as the functionality that is why Radiant Blinds offer a selection of blinds to choose from, I know the biggest problem is having those unsightly guide wires visible when the blind is open, that is why we work on offering bespoke systems to eliminate this, thinking differently to most other companies, offering only the very best Roof Lantern Blinds & Skylight Blinds.

To give you some idea of how they will look click our video below, if you are also needing to shade your Bifold Doors then CLICK HERE for some great ideas

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